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aqualogic creates next generation products, with performance, function and environmental benefits for the domestic bathroom, kitchen and commercial washroom.
We progressively introduce new and existing enhanced technology, to improve product features & consumer experience, while still offering the consumers the best choice in style and design.
aqualogic-icon-01ENJOY OUR TECHNOLOGY

aqualogicO3 kills
99.9% of germs,
bacteria, viruses,
pesticides & fungus.






aqualogicO3 is the most eco-friendly and powerful anti-microbial sanitizer in the world.
It´s completely natural, chemical-free and disinfects effectively in a few seconds by removing
bacteria, pesticides, fungus and odors. It keeps food fresher, cleans any kind of surfaces and is
sound for personal hygiene. Discover many more advantages with aqualogicO3.




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