3 Way Twin Lever Kitchen Tap


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Use: aqualogicO3 cool- / warm- / hot water

Material: Brass
Finish: Brushed stainless steel look
Size of Tap: 215mm(L)x425mm(H), ø40±2mm(I.D.)
Size of Ozone Generator: 186mm(L)x125mm(W)x42mm(H)



Your choice:
3 Way Twin Lever Kitchen Tap including the ozone generator and all necessary accessories.

aqualogicO3 is the most eco-friendly and powerful anti-microbial sanitizer in the world.
It´s completely natural, chemical-free and disinfects effectively in a few seconds by removing bacteria, pesticides, fungus and odors. It keeps food fresher, cleans any kind of surfaces and is sound for personal hygiene.

Our aqualogicO3 sets come with a stylish sleek tap of your choice, the ozone generator and all necessary accessories. It’s easy to install on your kitchen sink, basin sink or work surface. Just connect the water and power service by yourself, or get it done by your local plumbing company.

If necessary, we can also supply water filters to ensure the quality of the water.

*Each single aqualogicO3 tap comes with a stand-alone ozone generator.


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